An Image Of The Answer

by Dark Altar

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released November 19, 2016

All Music by Dark Altar
Words by Elias Alexander
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Patlan.



all rights reserved


Dark Altar Las Vegas, Nevada

Dark Metal. Raised by Industrial, dressed in Darkwave. Join the Congregation. Worship the Altar.

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Track Name: Anguish
This is not the body that you know,
This is not the life so quietly longed for.
Shore we left abandoned, wouldn’t recognize a home,
There is no getting better.

It didn’t change me much, the year I spent alone.
Wrap that tongue ‘round a language only we would know.
Who’ve you taught that body to?
The words suppressed forever
Catch deeper in my throat
Tell me and I’ll let it go.

(I might’ve known a moment ago,
But now… I just don’t know).

So speak until its true,
I’m stuttering again.
The edge I departed
Approaches yet again.
There is no getting better.
There is no getting better.
Embracing every weakness,
The dawn breaks in shame
and Anguish.
Track Name: Gutter
(I wake up to nothin’, Nothin’ has changed
A similar day, with a familiar fate.
I don’t really wanna be here, so listen when I say
I feel closer to God with all the empty faces I make.)

We out here, we want it for free.
We wanna be provided for,
Ya know I’m fuckin’ empty.
I want power; “Measured Control”
I want apathy so callous that you’ll never fuckin’ dispose.

We out here man, we want it for free.
We want it all,
ya know I’m fuckin’ empty.

Now ya shoulda left me, No you shoulda left me,
Know you shoulda left me in the Gutter where ya found me.
Now ya shoulda left me, Ya know I’m fuckin’ empty,
Know you shoulda left me in the Gutter where ya found me

I want imitation; Man, I wanna be fooled.
I don’t wanna be compared, I wanna be the comparison used.
My main man doin’ well at the polls, I’m the 66th Phantom of
The New Generational soul.
Track Name: Curses
Ya know I’ve been runnin’ around, drivin’ it deeper,
Driving my point like what you heard, I’m doin’ ya dirty sister.
Heard ya got that way with words, breathing your bidding,
Heard ya spitting that dog-black hoodoo shit,
Well baby, now I believe it.

Got me runnin’ off the road,
Now I’m waitin’ for my ride.
Come ta cut my leg,
Now she’s got me in her sights.
Yeah I’m the devil man, she knows I lied.
Yeah I’m the devil man, she knows I lied.
I’m the devil, I’m a liar.
Lord have mercy, I’m comin’ to,
I’m comin’ to.
Crow girl Curses are comin’ true,
Well they’re comin’true.
So come on... (I’m such a fool)

So I fall into my latest mistake,
Believe I could dream myself awake.
Tossin’ her runes high, toss em to the river,
Skin me n she’ll let me dry.

And that’s when I said “ I- I’ve gotta lie down for a spell,”
And she pulled hers over my head
And I said,
Lord have mercy, I’m comin’ to,
I’m comin’ to.
Crow girl Curses are comin’ true,
Well they’re comin’true.
Now listen…

Now Curses are comin’ true.
Track Name: Under A Black Moon
Under A Black Moon
(Will you whisper when the coast is clear?)
Caught up, the whole world’s spinning,
Snake on my spine keeps twisting slower.
Feelin’ myself, Old nights are never over,
Newly delayed, deliriously sober.
Wringing the toll, Come n’ collect.
Death in the door, I’m payin’ my rent.
Trippin’ on thru, Trippin’ on thru,
Stagger to the road cuz I wanna be alone, I said;

Outta my head, God damn if I can’t forget tomorrow.
Throwin’ my hands about, selfish as a shadow.
Followin’ you, I’m faded and used,
Wandering Under A Black Moon.
(Snake on my spine keeps twisting slower)
Leadin’ the blind, how the fuck am I always tired?
Tongue is tied around the image of the answer.
Trusting the question, deny questioning friends, well
Bending the light behind, I’m staggerin’ to the end.

I think I can see, I think I can make it,
Tell me the sins on my head fall the sins of the Father.
Runnin’ from me, yeah I think I’m aware.
I think I understand that I never had a home ta leave.
Track Name: Self-Immolate
Tempting fate, every hope incinerates.
Billowing hate, up in smoke as I Self-immolate

feed it, fear it, my favorite failure.
Shaking, aching, never turn away.
Understanding, surrendered

Can’t help feeling that I deserve this,
dreaded feeling like I deserve it
ashes rise, ashes rise
clawing as my visions failing.

There’s nothing left besides inferno,
Too far gone, I’ll bide in sorrow.
Embers in my eyes and throat,
I choke, and choke
And finally swallowed.

I’ve been Tempting fate, every hope incinerates.
But im Still clutching hate, I go up in smoke as I Self-immolate
Track Name: Passing Over
Passing Over
I am appointed the pain of remembering
every burden on your neck.
Waiting at the station
For a train that never left.
Passing Over the guilt of departing,
The innocence of Eden.
Is it that hard to imagine,
The earth delivers you back to heaven?
Now, I can see,
You were left many times before
But still you believe.
Now, I painfully see
You were disappointed once before,
Like you disappointed me.
Oh Mother, I’m ashamed,
Cuz I’m not the man who deserves to be saved.
But you’ll never hear me pray,
So I place the lavender, Passing Over your grave.

I still cant bring myself, I thought I had that strength.
I don’t believe in anything, no I don’t believe I ever had a way.
I don’t believe in anyone, you’ll never hear me pray.
There is no getting better…