Dark Altar

by Dark Altar

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The first release from Las Vegas Alt-Metal band Dark Altar.
Join the Congregation, Worship at the Altar.


released July 17, 2015

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Patlan.
All music by Dark Altar.
Words by Elias Alexander.



all rights reserved


Dark Altar Las Vegas, Nevada

Dark Metal. Raised by Industrial, dressed in Darkwave. Join the Congregation. Worship the Altar.

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Track Name: Catalyst
Open my eyes
To wretched morning,
Pale colors fade without warning.
Seasons shifting out of our hands,
Stagnant gazing,
Passions waning.
The incantations twist and change,
Face to face, waltzing again.
Innocence fragile as a shattered ring,
Shedding tears over anything.
Dead infancy,
Beneath scars and seams.
She says she’s done wasting her life
Tempting surrogate saviors
I know heaven is a good excuse
For bad procrastinators.
Still silent, I can’t resist
Bound and gagged, our Catalyst.
Rosalina, on crimson lips
The Ending Comes: our Catalyst.
Three years on and the lowest I’ve ever been,
Predictably fled once monotony settled in.
Had me fooled me with a kiss and a sting,
Torn between self-preservation and shame.
Dead infancy
Beneath scars and seams
As if I’d thrown solid gold away, obsessive dysmorphia remains,
Herald prediction of our final days, forged of the infernal blaze.
Flicking passion once sustained, now bound to me by solemn chains
The end: our Catalyst for change, union damned as the blackest plague.
Track Name: Carpathian Impaler
Carpathian Impaler
Sick and Sore,
From the poison,
That currents thru,
Decayed veins.
I sent my soul,
To the depths of hell,
The shell left behind,
No use for revenge.
Silhouette upon, The Edge of the Sea.
I have Always been, and will Always be.
Afterlife colliding with mortality,
Forever, The master of the night.
I am temptation
Calling to thee
I am the madman
Laughing while you scream.
I don’t feel infernal winds,
No holy water shall kiss this skin,
Bitter nectar, blood enough,
Crimson sacrament of sins.
Call me empty, call me Loveless, caress your face and it goes bloodless.
Behold what the mirror no longer reflects.

Dead heart!
The pain!
Let me in.
Black is my morning,
I dwell in the night.
Dormant by day,
The evening afire.
Ask no questions,
You’ll hear no lies.
Track Name: Scourge Of The Underground
Scourge of the Underground

We are the ones from under the ground,
You hear around town,
We wear only frowns.
We are the ones who shut safety away,
We’re here to stay.

We are the ones to stomach your shit,
Left in a ditch,
We’re songs out of pitch.
We are the Degenerate fucks,
We are the way!
We are the Scourge of the Underground,
We are the ones that you pushed around.
Perdition Sons under absent crown.
Yeah, we are the Scourge of the Underground.
We are the ones who come out at night,
We stay out of sight,
Shrouding our plight.
We are the ones who ignite her lust,
Your mind a dizzy fuzz.

We are the ones to live out your fears,
The salt in your tears,
The hour draws near.
We are the ones who sharpen all blades,
Welcome to the grave!
God made me, the world made me better.
Sling your shit, as I sever tethers.
Track Name: Indulge
Baby on a bed of nails,
Distance pushin’ daisy frills,
Starlight glowin’ all around,
Silhouettes in window sills.
Hush for me to come undone,
As if I’m still the only one.

My eye is hot,
and I’m eager to fall,
and I’m feelin’ all your venom
as I scurry up the wall.
However torturous our scenario seems,
She is the queen of malfeasance
And I am her king.

Pushing outward, Pendulum Swings,
Liberation, Isis Wings.
Ballerina, toes on the sky,
Asphyxiation, banish sighs.
Sew a needle in the eye, Heaven wears a red disguise,
Cremate me after I die, So I may return to the fire.
Shattering glass within her gaze, Grasp the devil by her legs,
And I feel a little death come over me when she smiles.
Indulge in treachery,
The part of me that won’t let go.
Decadence in you,
That won’t let you move
Until I tell you to.

Now my eye is hot,
And I’m hangin’ by skin,
But she’s the Goddess of Nothing
And I’m helpless again.
Now I’m eager to fall, and I’m comin’ round again,
And a scream pours from my mouth
Chimera in it’s den.
Cuz I know how it is, when we’re curling up laughing,
Talking about dreams,
And I’m afraid
It won’t happen again…
Maybe this can’t mean a thing, but we’ll do it all again,
But for now I can’t lift my head up, and wait for the end.
(I can’t make it to the end)
Track Name: Vicious
They say I’m a trainwreck without any fuel,
I get my arrogance via injection.
I’m the dear you departed, now departing you,
Vacant inebriation.
I’ve got my needle, my name, my knife,
Her vision in a vial, Now I’m Vicious on the inside.
I’ve got my guilt, My shame, My pride,
Hey hey motherfucker, are ya feelin’ Vicious tonight?
(Tonight) I die, I’ll be a martyr,
But I won’t be crucified.
They say I’m a victimized nihilist youth,
With the face of a revolution.
She says I’m the first bullet leaving a gun,
I say you’d follow anyone.
Our fault I know my failure, black hole heart convulsing floor
Revelation breathes my name too late, one promise true after it all.
Track Name: Frankenstein
Desire forlorn, however wanted,
I cannot distinguish night from the day.
Somehow I cannot comprehend what I am seeing,
Paralyzed as tho there is still static in the air.
Looking into the very face of creation,
Dumbfounded to find humanity isn’t there.
(Still static in the air)
Terror breaks the altar,
I will not repair my faith again.
Destruction is in both our natures,
And the Monster will not be contained.
Beware; for I am
Fearless, and therefore
Alone amongst your burning bridges,
Alone, once the wheel reinvents itself.
Gaze into the eyes of your bastard creation,
Endowed with purpose, the sun eclipsed himself.
In the mind of the resurrected
There is no peace.
To my abomination,
You will know sleep
In the mind of the resurrected,
There is no peace.
If you resist me,
I will show you misery.
Learn from my miseries
And do not seek
To increase your own.