by Dark Altar

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The lead single off the band's new EP, "An Image Of The Answer".
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(I wake up to nothin’, Nothin’ has changed
A similar day, with a familiar fate.
I don’t really wanna be here, so listen when I say
I feel closer to God with all the empty faces I make.)

We out here, we want it for free.
We wanna be provided for,
Ya know I’m fuckin’ empty.
I want power; “Measured Control”
I want apathy so callous that you’ll never fuckin’ dispose.

We out here man, we want it for free.
We want it all,
ya know I’m fuckin’ empty.

Now ya shoulda left me, No you shoulda left me,
Know you shoulda left me in the Gutter where ya found me.
Now ya shoulda left me, Ya know I’m fuckin’ empty,
Know you shoulda left me in the Gutter where ya found me

I want imitation; Man, I wanna be fooled.
I don’t wanna be compared, I wanna be the comparison used.
My main man doin’ well at the polls, I’m the 66th Phantom of
The New Generational soul.


released November 7, 2016
All music written by Dark Altar.
Words by Elias Alexander.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Patlan.



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Dark Altar Las Vegas, Nevada

Dark Metal. Raised by Industrial, dressed in Darkwave. Join the Congregation. Worship the Altar.

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